Thursday, April 7, 2011

More New Tools!

I've had my eyes on these tools for some time now and their finally in my kitchen. The pastry cutter is from OXO Good Grips and it has taking the place of a Pampered Chef, which has mysteriously found it's way into the bowels of my kitchen or where ever lost tools go. Now it never fails that you realize a tool has gone missing until you need it, so I've begun taking steps to make sure my kitchen has some since of organization.

The tongs are from Kitchen Aide and they are a much needed addition to my utensil drawer. The best part is I can now get rid of the cheap scissor action tongs that I despised because they were always so awkward and difficult to use.

And finally my new set of wooden mixing spoons! I am so excited to add these to my already overloaded utensil colander. I've been using some plastic spoons and they always seem to stain very easily, and while wood spoons will darken, I always took this as a sign of well earned use. The down side is they tend to take a little bit more care, as in hand washing and being sure to oil them from time to time, but they have been a joy to cook with.

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