Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend BBQ!

I got the itch to make some BBQ this past weekend and was in the mood for some pulled pork sandwiches and some smoked Italian Sausage also known as a Fatty.
A Fatty is simply a pound of breakfast sausage that is sprinkled with what ever seasonings you like and placed on the smoker to cook. Now if your feeling really adventurous you can flatten the sausage out and place what ever you like on top, such as bell peppers or cheese, then simply roll it back into a log being sure to cover everything you put in it. What you wind up with is an incredibly delicious treat that is best described as an orgy of flavor. It always makes a great snack while your waiting on the larger cuts of meat to finish cooking.

The pulled pork was about a 5 lb. butt that I put on the smoker at around 10 am. It cooked till 6pm at which point it finally hit an internal temp of 195ºF, which needed some helping because I was able to hold the smoker at 225ºF all day long. The problem was that at around 5pm the internal temperature was 160º, at which point I wrapped it in foil. This helps to hold the heat in and seems to steam it a little bit. The end product was a very juicy and tender pulled pork with a nice subtle smoke flavor. I was pretty happy with the over all cook because it was an incredibly windy day, which always make for an interesting day barbecuing.


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