Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grilling Classics!

While this dish is nothing new or fancy, is how ever just some plain old grilling classics or staples if you will. As a kid hotdogs were like a mandatory summer food, so it's no surprise that my little toddler loves them. While I will occasionally munch down on a hotdog I have come to prefer the more grown up version, Beer Brats! Those two combined are a must for summer time grilling. The chicken was thrown in to for the simple reason the grill was going and I needed them cooked for lunches through the week, they were simply seasoned with my BBQ rub. I always like seeing meals like this because not every meal I cook is big, fancy, or a new recipe. Not to mention the fact that even a good cook likes to settle up to plate of a meal that was quick, easy, and good.


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