Friday, July 9, 2010

How I Choose My Recipes

As I take the jump into blogging and back into some of the other food social forums, I feel it’s necessary to spend a little time on how I choose my recipes. In my house we try to eat as healthy as we can while still meeting the time constraints that life puts on us. We have a little girl who is now 14 months old, and like any kid she doesn’t care for veggies. To make sure she gets the appropriate servings of veggies we have had to hide them in meals that we know she’ll eat. Jennie found some wonderful recipe books that do just that and I will be sure to reference the books I pull recipes from and any changes I may make. The next thing that we base our recipe decisions on is how healthy it is. Jennie and I are currently trying to lose that baby weight; yes I have baby weight to lose. We eat a lot of lean meats; like boneless chicken breast, lean pork chops, lean ground beef, turkey breast, and on a occasion buffalo burger when we can find it. If any one has a recipe they want me to try, leave it in a comment and I’ll give it a go.

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