Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Knives and Cutting Board!

I recieved this pair of Victorinox Forschner Knives from my Dad, a six inch boning knife and an eight inch chef's knife.  I've gotten to use them several times and so far the seem to hold an edge really well, plus their really comfortable to use. The handles are Fibrox, or plastic, with a textured surface which make them easy to hold onto when their wet. I also recieved two knife blade covers with them to help protect the blades as well as your hands. The cases simply snap into place over the blade and held in place by four rubber grippers. I have to say I love these knives so much I've considered replacing my old set Chicago Cutlery knives, but they were my first set of knives and I just can't stand to part with them. After receiving the knives I decided it was time to add a butcher block to the mix as well. I purchased this side grain cutting board from Target and it was fairly inexpensive. I've used it a couple of times am fairly pleased with it. My only complaint is that it likes to run away from me when I'm chopping on it. To fix that I simply place a small kitchen towel or wash cloth flat on the counter top and then set the cutting board directly on top of it, this seems to help hold board in place.


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