Monday, December 5, 2011

Vacation Wrap Up!

I know I've been absent the past couple of weeks from the blog, but we were on vacation and well my mind sort of stayed on vacation till this week. I'm sure you all understand, but I've got some new recipes coming and I'm finally ready to set down and get them ready for you to see. But as evidence of my vacation I thought I would share some of the wonderful new food I got to try while I visited Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA; both beautiful cities full of history and some really friendly people.
 Our first night there we ate at this funky little restaurant, Coast, that was located in the alleyway directly behind our hotel. The atmosphere was very laid back, the staff was super friendly and the food was amazing! I had fried flounder and my wife had buffalo shrimp, both were delicious.
 This is fried alligator from Poogan's Porch, it was our first time ever having alligator and I have to say we both really liked it. It's a shame that it's a little tough to get it here in the midwest, but I may have to try buying some off of the internet and frying up next summer. The restaurant was great, it's got a whole wall of menu's that have been signed by all the different famous chef's and other famous people that have stopped in to it.
 This is me eating at Sticky Fingers BBQ, it was a super friendly place with great atmosphere but I wasn't to impressed with their BBQ. We ate dinner here and I had a pulled pork sandwich and baby back ribs. The flavor was great, but the pork was to mushy and when I bit into the ribs the bone slid out leaving me with a huge hunk of rib meat hanging from my mouth, not a pretty picture. But they did have a BBQ Ranch dressing that we really enjoyed, it was a perfect balance of Ranch dressing and their BBQ sauce and I may have to come up with my own version of it because it was that good.
 On our last night of vacation we found ourselves exhausted and ready to chill out in our hotel room. We ordered two calzones from Mellow Mushroom and them delivered to our hotel room while we laid back and watched a movie on the television. It was a wonderful end to our vacation and the calzones were absolutely delicious! I would of liked to have visited their restaurant to see the wood fired oven they use to cook in.

The Olde Pink House aptly named because well, it's pink; something to do with the red brick that house was built with has bled it's red die into the stucco the outside of the house was finished with. This was an amazing place to stop and eat, we ate lunch here and loved it. The house is huge and absolutely beautiful inside and out. I highly recommend that the next time you find yourself in Savannah, GA you must stop and eat here, you will be very happy you did.
 This is just half of their upstairs ballroom, it's huge and incredibly gorgeous. My wife had that day dreaming glow in her eyes as she dreamed what it would of been like to have had our wedding anniversary here.

 We started this vacation on the very same day as our seventh wedding anniversary and was like taking the honeymoon we didn't get the chance to take then because we couldn't afford to. It was an amazing week that we wish didn't have to end, but we were ready to get back home and see our little girl who was desperately missing us.


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