Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moink Balls meat Mobbles

Ok so this is what happens when your on a diet and fail at explaining a recipe and what your intentions are. You get lean ground beef and turkey bacon when you needed real bacon and beef with just a touch more fat as to not completely dry out on the smoker. So when life gives you turkey bacon and lean ground beef, you make Mobbles........I don't see that catching on like Moink Balls. If you've never heard of Moink Balls well then you need to head on over to the BBQ Grail's site and have a look. I will be trying these again, but with the proper ingredients next time.

I fixed these for a tailgate party we had a few weekends ago and their well received, but I'm sure they would of been much better had I asked for the proper stuff.

I really fell down when it came time to make these. I made meatballs with no seasoning which lowered the flavor bar. I did use two eggs and 1/4 cup of flour to help act as a binding agent for the lean ground beef. i then wrapped them in a slice of bacon and dusted them with some Head Country BBQ Rub. The then rested on the smoker four about an hour and a half until reaching an internal temp of 160ºF, which then they were sauced and finished up for another 10 minutes. They made a great finger food and I plan on attempting these again, hopefully sooner then later.


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